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Add products into your collections from any online shopping site. Create public or private shopping collections. Share and discuss with your friends before you buy.
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How does Scrapehere improve your online shopping experience?
At Scrapehere, You can make collections of any products you like from any online shopping website. You can edit, modify or share those products with any of your friends aka Shopmates. Engage and discuss with these Shopmates to get their feedback or updates. Add a price-watch to a product and we will send you a notification when its price drops. You can find the best genuine reviews of the online shopping websites you like to shop from.
What can you do on Scrapehere?
Collect: Collect products you love from any shopping website. Install the scrape button in your bookmark bar (Click on the 'SCRAPE' Button on the top of the page). Now, when you like what you see on any online shopping website, click on the scrape button on the browser bookmark bar. That's it! Your favourite product will be added to your collection.
Share: Share the products and collection with your shopmates for an opinion or two. You can even check out what your shopmates are upto or the latest trends taking place around you. Engage, discuss and review with the largest online shopping community.
Love: Flaunt the product that emerges as the winner of your shopmates scrutiny. To buy or not to buy is your choice. If you do buy it, let your shopmates know your thoughts on that product.
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